Costo Test Project Journal

    3 versions :

  • operational + Data
  • Multipart and shared services
  • Composite (from Data), assembly types…

    20/12/08 :
    objectives :

  • finalise the operational + Data…

  • Test Harness creation process finalized
  • Automated process of building test data in structured file (xml)
  • More extensive management of component assembly
  • Mutations analysis provided
    2014/11/26 14:27 :

  • The process of building test harness has been improved and completed
  • The building of test data is provided using the standard xml
  • The creation, execution and analysis of mutants was added
    30/04/10 :
    il faut :

  • java1.6
  • eclipse 3.5 “classic edition” (en bas de la page des downloads)
  • les plugins antlr 2.7.6 et 4.0 (en fichier joint) à décompresser dans le répertoire dropins antlrplugs.tgz
  • en option : generation de code java

A Platform to Specify and Verify Component and Service Software

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