Quick Costo User Guide

COSTO enriches the Eclipse Platform Interface with new functionalities (menus, action buttons). You need an Eclipse IDE equiped with the COSTO plugins.

We describe below the dependences and characteristics of this environment. It can also be explored for development purposes.

Steps to configure Costo environnement

  1. Install the Costo ToolBox
  2. Create a project, following one of the methods:
    1. Add existing project libraries, such as the ones of the platoon example.
    2. Create a COSTO project from scratch.
    3. Create project from SVN to store the current version(s) of a project and its history, and clients connect to the server in order to « check out » a complete copy of the project, work on this copy and then later « check in » their changes
  3. It may be necessary to set the costodata projet nature to ANTLR costo-install-costo.install.antlr.project
  4. Run examples : this last step after getting Costo environnement installed consist of running Kmelia projects using costo.Since we have already installed it , we can use Costo plugins to test Kmelia projects , but first we have to take a look on kmelia, which is the topic of the next page Technical environment of Kmelia

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