Costo Installation

Use a standalone COSTO Toolbox including an Eclipse Juno and the COSTO plugins

  1. Download the COSTOTool StandAlone archive (195 Mo – January 2016) including
    • Eclipse Juno
    • COSTO Plugins
    • Case study (useful for ModeVVa2013, or ICST-TT2016)
  2. Unzip the archive
  3. Launch the eclipseJuno-CU shortcut

Install Costo step by step in Eclipse

  1. Install the Eclipse IDE
    1. Download an Eclipse Platform (the classic version is sufficient) at the Eclipse Project web site
    2. To run the COSTO plugins use any Eclipse release since Ganymede 4.3.2 (ganymede releases). Juno is our current release to develop COSTO .
  2. Add ANTLR plugin and link it to the project.Antlr stands for ANother Tool for Language Recognition. The tool is able to generate compiler or interpreter for a computer language.
  3. Download the COSTO plugins here (they are described in COSTO plugins description page)
  4. Find your Eclipse main directory
  5. Unzip the archive in the Eclipse dropins/plugins directory

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