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What is COSTO?

COSTO (Component Study Toolbox) is a CASE tool dedicated to the development of Service and Component Based Software Systems. These systems are modelled using the  Kmelia language. COSTO manages Kmelia specifications and handles the verification of primary properties (syntactic analysis, type checking, static analysis, …). The verifications of complex properties such as deadlock freeness, component or assembly consistency are delegated to other appropriate external tools (MEC, Altarica, Lotos/CADP, AtelierB, Rodin…). COSTO is designed as a family of Eclipse plugins.

The installation procedure is described here.

What is KMELIA?

Kmelia is a language to describe a component model based on the description of complex services. Kmelia components are abstract, independent from their environment and therefore non-executable.
Kmelia can be used to model software architectures and their properties, these models being later refined to execution platforms. It can also be used as a common model for studying component or service model properties (abstraction, interoperability, composability). Kmelia main characteristics are: components, services, software architectures, protocols, contracts, specification of complex interaction between services.

What is COSTOTest?

COSTOTest is a set of two Eclipse plugins which enable any user of Costo to test applications based on their Kmelia modelisation. The tool helps the tester in building a test harness to configure the components under test. The tests are run providing the verdict automatically.

© The COSTO platform is developed by the AeLoS research team.

A Platform to Specify and Verify Component and Service Software

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