Install Eclipse SDK

  1. Download an Eclipse Platform (the classic version is sufficient or an Eclipse SDK) at the Eclipse Project web site
  2. To run the Costo plugins use any Eclipse release since Ganymede 4.3.2 (ganymede releases)
  3. Add the Eclipse SDK
  4. Add ANTLR plugin and link it to the project.Antlr stands for ANother Tool for Language Recognition. The tool is able to generate compiler or interpreter for a computer language.
  5. If needed,
    1. set the Java compiler to 1.6 or more – with a virtual machine from in Java JDK instead of pure JRE
      If the JRE conflicts remai, Hide the JRE Error in the Java compiler preferences (menu WindowPreferences)
    2. set the API Baseline Window>Preferences
      or hide the Missing baseline errors
    3. Install the Plug-in Development Environment (PDE) to enable the plugin editors – it should be in the availble sites when you install new software (menu Help>Install New Software…
  6. Add the team support (see next section)

A Platform to Specify and Verify Component and Service Software

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